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Rhee Gold Inspiration: A Real Dancer

Yet when I see dancers with disabilities or a group of senior-citizens tappers- and of course that 3-year-old pretending to be a ballerina- I am reminded that anyone who touches the heart of an observer is a real dancer.

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Rhee Gold Daily Inspiration: For me dance is life!

It’s a gift that becomes entrenched in the soul. Those of us who feel this way have trouble describing it to those who don’t, but I think of it like this: there’s a point when the movement and the music grab hold of you and fill you so completely that you become more than a body moving through space; you become art!

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Rhee Gold Inspiration: Move and Audience

Dance is not about the number of pirouettes or other ‘tricks’ that you can do.

Instead it’s about the opportunity to move an audience as you express the emotions of life through the art of dance.

A simple walk or a port de bra coming from the soul is all it takes.

…Rhee Gold

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Sometimes we get caught up in our own success so we don’t stop long enough to appreciate those who helped us to climb the ladder. Consider each step on the ladder to be one of those people who believed in your dream and let them know how much you appreciate their support. Have a great day–Rhee

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A simple smile or compliment

It could be a simple smile or a compliment that makes it a great day for your students/dancers. Today is as good a day as any to make that happen. AND remember how lucky you are to have the opportunity to make a difference in the lives of so many young people. How cool is…

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Say Every Child’s Name

Be sure to say every child’s name at least once in every class, and make sure you make eye contact with each of them, too.

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Instill Passion

Make it your goal is to instill a passion for the art of dance in every child

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Appropriate content

You are not only a dance teacher; you are a mentor and a leader. This means that you set the example for your students. Please think about what you post on your Facebook page . . . be sure that it is appropriate for your students (who look up to you) to see. Don’t tell them you got lucky last night or that you are going on a drinking binge this weekend. Have a great day–Rhee

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Feature your dancers best moves

When you create choreography for your students, be sure that you are creating a work of art featuring what your dancers do best. When dancers can’t execute the movement correctly, they might as well just stand on stage and shout out, “look at what I can’t do!” Have a great day–Rhee [ad#Store]

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Maybe you are the person she needs in her life?

She’s disheveled, hides in the back of the classroom because she feels different from the other kids. Her leotard is always dirty, her bun is a mess, and she never smiles.

-As a teacher are you uncomfortable?

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I see people selling their strategies to make your students winners . . . I’m thinking that your students are already winners because they have dance and a teacher like you in their lives? Have a great day–Rhee

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Focus on your school

Spending time gossiping about the teacher or school up the street is a waste of time. Instead, spend your valuable time focused on making your school the best it can be and you’ll experience the success that you are looking for 🙂 Have a great day–Rhee

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Pass on the passion

‎1% of your students will move on to professional or teaching careers, yet they are all capable of feeling the passion that dance is . . . make it your priority to pass on the passion! Have a good one–Rhee

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