Collective Wisdom | Reality Check: Program Ad Design

Ideas and advice from our readers

Q: Asking studio owners about recital program ads: do you design them yourself? What program do you use? —Erika Hogan

A: I do it myself using Microsoft Publisher. A few parents have been able to design their own ads, but most people purchasing ads don’t know how. It takes some time to do the designs, but I make a profit off the ad sales. —Linda Twiss Gioscia

A: All our advertisers’ ads run in a PowerPoint presentation that we show before the recital, during intermission, and again at the end of the show while the audience is exiting. It’s cheaper than paper and printing. —Darla Densley Lemay

A: With the exception of one or two parents who like to create their own, I design the ads myself using Adobe Photoshop. —Kandi Currier Atchley

A: Parents and businesses purchasing ads do their own designs. We provide dimension options and some samples, and designs are turned in on a flash drive. I had to help a few moms, but most were able to design their own. This was our first year selling program ads and it was very successful. —Karen Dolan

A: I use Microsoft Publisher. —Dori Matkowski