Collective Wisdom | Reality Check: Scuff Mark Solutions

Ideas and advice from our readers

Q: Does anyone have a solution to keep the wall area under the barre clean of scuff marks left behind by tap shoes? We are painting our studio, and I would rather not continually repaint that area. —Nancy K. Dennis

A: Black paint. —Amy Hlavaty Belcher

A: I’m also painting my studio. I got a commercial grade paint with epoxy that the salesperson at Sherwin-Williams said would hold up well. Fingers crossed. —Christine McDonald-Milas

A: I used to clean the scuffs with Magic Erasers, but I still had to paint every season. Now I have a thin carpet that runs up along the lower four feet of the wall. It is the best —Mandy Jardam Odom

A: Carpet. I had a carpet company install it for me. I never had to touch it again. —Darlene Giordano Cummings

A: I put Plexiglas on the wall where we store our gym mats. It keeps the walls clean, but it has cracked in a few spots. The best thing I tried was putting Formica halfway up the wall. It is so easy to wipe clean. —Debby Lotz Dillehay

A: I sponge painted the wall’s lower three feet with multiple colors. The scuff marks blend right in. —Doreen Oros Freeman

A: We put up a kick board. —Rennae Turner Tieken