December 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

“King of the Show” [October 2015] is excellently written and such a fun read. I shared it with many of my stage manager friends and have received positive feedback. My teachers from grad school, in particular, think so highly of the content that they are using it in a graduate seminar.

Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity to collaborate on the article. Few have discussed the importance of stage managers in publications and this article is a great window for audiences to view performances from a unique perspective.

Cody Chen
production stage manager, Alonzo King Lines Ballet
San Francisco, CA


Kudos! Love the article you wrote about the boys in the studio [“Only One Boy,” October 2015], and thank you for including Boucher School of Dance. My dancers are over the moon that they are in print! (Me too a bit; it is always the little things that mean the most!)

Karin McCarthy
owner/director, Boucher School of Dance
vice president, Dance Masters of New England
Oxford, MA


Via Facebook:

Tip 1 [“2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers,” September 2015, about cross-training in order to develop strength and stamina]: so important! I can never stress this enough, not only in hip-hop but in all dance!

Jonathan J-BooGie Davis
Baton Rouge, LA