December 2015 | On My Mind

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As we prepare to head into 2016, I am thrilled to launch a concept that has been dancing around in my mind for more than five years: an international business conference and association for dance school owners. This dream will become a reality with the first I.D.E.A. (International Dance Educators Association) conference, held July 30 through August 1, 2016, at The Phoenician, a luxurious resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. With many respected dance teacher organizations offering high-quality dance conventions, master classes, teacher training, and competition or performance opportunities, I.D.E.A. will take a different tack, focusing on the development and implementation of high business and ethical standards.

Photo by Mim Adkins

Photo by Mim Adkins

Solution-oriented seminars, hands-on workshops, and distinctive events that will inspire business growth are the cornerstones of the first I.D.E.A. conference. Among them are several unique components that make this conference unlike others. In our coaching seminars, which have a hands-on approach, school owners will create a philosophy and mission statement, marketing materials, annual calendars, class schedules, and more. When they head home, they’ll be ready to roll using their unique objectives.

Another innovative feature is the presentation of live demos that give school owners the chance to compare numerous options and determine which of them suit their needs. Demos will include the latest software and technology; curriculums from preschool to advanced levels, which will help attendees take fresh approaches into their classrooms; and dancewear and footwear resale (or partnership) opportunities to help generate income and serve students’ and families’ needs.

We have assembled a team of speakers who are entrepreneurs and leaders with proven track records of success as dance school owners. Many of them manage multiple businesses while balancing business and family life; all of them have developed a fearless approach to leadership that helps them bring fresh concepts to their businesses and generate revenues.

Attendees at the first I.D.E.A. conference will have the opportunity to become charter members who will work together to pioneer this brand-new concept for the dance education community. I hope you’ll join us.

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DSL publisher Rhee Gold has owned a dance competition, presided over national dance teaching organizations, and founded Project Motivate. His book, The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance, is in its second printing.