December 2017 | The Soul of Dancing

The Soul of Dancing

December 2017 | Volume 22 | Issue 10 | Buy a copy

What does it take to give of yourself? Time. Thought. Toil. Temperance. Why do it? Because the adage is true—those who give get back far more in return. In this season of giving, we extend a silent cheer to the generous educators who live this truth and lead by example.

Throughout the month of December, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by January 1.

On the cover: The 2017 Industry Dance Awards. Photo by Tyler Williams


On My Mind | Words from the publisher.

Improvisation and Inspiration
Heather Turbeville
Trust and Teachers
Tamsin Nutter

In My Humble Opinion | A Culture Worth Preserving
Kim Hungerford

Tips for Ballet Teachers | Using Landmarks and Boosting Morale
David Arce

Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Low-Stress Cypher Exercises
Samara Atkins 

Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Fostering Motor Skills
Tricia Gomez 

Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | Should My Studio Have a Retirement Plan?
Michelle Cote

Teacher Tune-Up | Creating a Life You Love
Sandi Duncan

Ask Rhee Gold | Advice for dance teachers.
Build trust and mutual respect with employee evaluations
The pros and cons of renting holiday costumes
What to do when a dancewear store is not on your side


Mail | Words from our readers.

FYI | What’s up in the dance community.
Tackle Preschool Pressures With Studio to Go
Making a (Dance) Musical
Work Out With Millepied’s Dancers
Artists of Change

Media Hub | Onscreen, on the page, and online.
Alive and Kicking
Katherine Dunham: Dance and the African Diaspora
Mr. Gaga
Ballerino Nate

Competition Zone | Winning With Dan Barris
Karen White

Studio Style | Island School of Performing Arts
Makeovers, renovations, and dream spaces.
Heather Turbeville 

Wearing It Well | Curtain Call on the Art of the Catalog
Karen White 

Did You Know? | Dance History Quiz
One woman and four men
The official state dance of two different states
Two firsts for Reisen
A graceful First Lady
The dance all the cool kids are doing
Film director and dance costume designer
The only black woman to dance onscreen with Bojangles
The inked Polunin

Collective Wisdom | Ideas and advice from teachers.
Classroom Connection: Teaching Musicality
Classroom Connection: Ankle-Rolling Rescue

The Soul of Dancing

A Community Takes Care of Its Own
by Tamsin Nutter
Dance world comes together for an awards show like no other.

Dancing for Darby
by Maureen Janson
Parents’ loss becomes dance world’s gain.

Dance With Destiny
Intro by Alaina Leary; photos and captions by Caroline Poppell
Milk Carton on a String changes its students’—and its founder’s—lives.

Falling Back in Love With Your Studio
by Julie Erika Lawton
What to do when the going gets rough.

Learning Language, Step by Step
by Lea Marshall
Dance Another World teaches English through dance.

Curtain Up
Scout the competition scene with our comprehensive guide.