FYI | Classical Repertoire Subject of RAD Teacher Program

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The Royal Academy of Dance is now offering a program to help instructors teach famous repertoire to students of a variety of ages and abilities.
Photo by Graham Read

Students ages 12 and older can learn choreography from some of the world’s most popular classical ballets—Swan Lake, The Sleeping Beauty—through Discovering Repertoire, a new program from London’s Royal Academy of Dance.

“The program provides the framework for teachers to teach famous repertoire to students of a variety of ages and abilities,” program creator Paula Hunt told Dance Studio Life. Each of the program’s three levels includes barre work, development exercises, and variations for male and female dancers, plus an exam that assesses students’ technique and artistry. Any teacher can buy the class resources, although only RAD-registered teachers are able to enter students for exams. Discovering Repertoire can “extend the interest of students who might stop dancing once they realize that ballet is not going to be their vocation,” Hunt says, and can encourage adults to try, or return to, ballet.

RAD’s website offers books, CDs, DVDs, printed music, and an app to support each level of Discovering Repertoire. This is just the latest of RAD’s continuing professional development programs, which includes a program that trains teachers to work with mature beginning dancers (Silver Swans). Hunt says: “We are developing further online and face-to-face activities, available in locations around the world, with dates and further information to be announced shortly.” For more, see