FYI | College Aids Student With Studio Dream

What’s up in the dance community

Lauren Crawford (above right) opened her studio, Rapture Dance Company, with advice from a Northern Kentucky University program.
Photo by Okata Photography

Starting your own business is daunting at any age, especially when you’re a relative newcomer to the workforce. So Lauren Crawford, a Northern Kentucky University dance major and entrepreneurship minor who had dreamed of opening a dance studio since age 12, was thrilled to learn about her school’s INKUREKA program, which offers valuable resources and expertise to help students in all programs of study realize their business start-up dreams. The program covers topics “as small as making a budget for office supplies to as large as, when you’re thinking about a facility, whether to lease, purchase, or rent,” Crawford told Dance Studio Life.

About a year after her 2015 graduation, Crawford opened Rapture Dance Company, a Cold Spring, Kentucky, studio that now offers more than a dozen dance classes spanning contemporary, hip-hop, and ballet. But her involvement with the INKUREKA program coaches didn’t end there. “They check up on you to make sure you’re doing what you need to do to succeed,” she says. Although she could have started a studio business without the coaches’ expertise, she believes the process would have been much harder. “There are bumps in the road as you go along, but they really did help me think of things I wouldn’t have thought of,” she says.