FYI | Peabody Dance: From Dalcroze to Degree

What’s up in the dance community

The Peabody Institute’s long tradition of offering high-quality dance classes has evolved into a bachelor’s degree program in dance (here, Melissa Stafford teaching class).
Photo by Will Kirk/Homewood Photo

Dance classes officially started at the Peabody Institute in 1914. While the Dalcroze Eurhythmics course was created to help the school’s classical music students understand music through movement, it also marked the beginning of a long-running dance education program at the institute for young children, pre-professionals, and adults. (See “Unparalleled Peabody,” March/April 2016.)

Starting with the 2018–19 academic year, the Baltimore, Maryland-based institute (which became a division of the Johns Hopkins University in 1986) will offer a bachelor’s degree program in dance. The program will “prepare exceptional 21st century artists to push the boundaries between dance and science and expand the role and relevance of dance,” Abra Bush, Peabody’s senior associate dean of institute studies, said in the Hub, the Johns Hopkins news website.

Bachelor degree students will explore connections between dance, music, science, and medicine as they pursue studies in composition, citizen artistry, performing arts medicine, movement therapy, and non-traditional approaches to pedagogy.