FYI | Tackle Preschool Pressures With Studio to Go

What’s up in the dance community

Imagine striding into your preschool classes with curriculum, music, activities, and props ready to go—without the need to spend countless hours in preparation.

Educators Robyn Donaldson, Leah Matthews, and Lauren Nolan were imagining that dreamy scenario when they launched Studio to Go in Atlanta this fall. Studio to Go’s membership service, Concierge to Go, runs from August to May and supports ballet or tap classes (or both) for kids ages 3 to 5. Each month’s content is built around a theme such as Fall Into Dance: Learning Perseverance and Determination, and includes a suggested playlist, warm-up, across the floor, rhythm or prop dance, teacher cheat sheet, a newsletter to give to parents explaining the theme, coloring pages, and stickers.

Studio to Go provides curriculum, music, activities, and more for preschool dance teachers.
Photo by Gregory Campbell

Matthews told Dance Studio Life that teachers can customize the curriculum to fit their schedules and teaching objectives. “Some teachers want to knock it out in one class; some want to stretch it out,” she said. “There’s flexibility.”

There are two open enrollment membership periods per year and subscribers are automatically billed ($60 a month for one program, $85 per month for both).

Options abound with Studio to Go’s À La Carte offerings—customers can download a coloring page or purchase a full birthday party package (including two dances, activities, coloring sheet, and craft idea). À La Carte will be available for online purchases beginning January 1.

With her experience as owner of Studio Go, a mobile company with 22 employees teaching dance classes for 700 preschoolers a week in community venues through the Southeast, Matthews hopes Studio to Go will make it easier for owners to run their vital preschool programs. “Get kids in the door at a young age,” she said. “Have them in your studio for years to come.” Visit