January 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

The Ashley Bouder Project premiere was a huge success [“Ballet Scene: Ballet in Cleveland,” October 2014]. Tickets were sold out in advance, and the program was perfectly conceived for the new audience Jessica Wallis is cultivating. Most of the patrons were young professionals, many with children who study ballet. I saw only a few people my age, including the former Cleveland Ballet trustees who are supporting Ballet in Cleveland. DSL clearly provided an important service to the field.

Wilma Salisbury
Former dance critic, The Plain Dealer
Former correspondent, Dance Magazine
Cleveland, OH


Thank you for your well-written article on State Ballet’s Project Ballet Coffee Hour [“Bright Biz Idea: Coffee Klatch Meets Ballet,” November 2014]. You wrote everything so well and precisely. Thank you from my heart for the attention you gave to our Project and our lives. We artists are all very lucky to have such a magazine that gives so much to artists and for artists, of all genres.

Ana Marsden Fox
Executive Director
The State Ballet of Rhode Island
Lincoln, RI