January 2015 | On My Mind

Words from the publisher

Happy New Year!

Heading into 2015, I’m consumed with the logistics and planning for the next DanceLife Teacher Conference, coming up in late July/early August. To judge by this year’s roster of faculty and speakers, the theme for the 2015 DLTC should be “over the top.” In the two years between these events I run into many impressive people whose knowledge and skills would be perfect for the conference, and this time I went a little overboard. While creating the conference’s schedule (a daunting month-long project), I realized that accommodating a faculty of 38 and more than 125 classes, seminars, and special events meant expanding to four ballrooms. “Over the top” we go!

Photo by Mim Adkins

Photo by Mim Adkins

For me, the heart and soul of the DLTC experience are its ability to help attendees get back to basics, and its emphasis on the mindset that dance is for every body. This year I’m thrilled to include a workshop focused on the principles of teaching children who have special needs; we are also escalating the preschool and children’s curriculums. Another cool option this year is a session on syllabus concepts for the adult dancer.

As always, my objective for the DLTC is to offer teacher training, a practical business curriculum, and a renewed appreciation for dance education. For teachers who are ready to immerse themselves in training with some of the brightest masters in the field, we’ll have a program of dance study that spans beginner through advanced classroom material for ballet, contemporary, hip-hop, commercial jazz, and musical theater, among other genres. This year I’m eager to present a new group of school-owner speakers, each one with a unique and proven track record of success. They’ll cover a spectrum of business topics, including generating more income, balancing a full-time business with family commitments, and ways to move beyond “status quo” to “standout.”

I look forward to seeing many of you in Scottsdale this summer. In the meantime, I wish you a healthy and prosperous 2015.

DSL publisher Rhee Gold has owned a dance competition, presided over national dance teaching organizations, and founded Project Motivate. His book, The Complete Guide to Teaching Dance, is in its second printing.