January 2016 | Mail


Words from our readers

Thank you so much for your words in “On My Mind” [November 2015]. For a long time I have been appalled at the music selection, costume collection presented, what is shown on TV, etc., as great dancing. It’s awful and does not represent how great dancing can be and is. I refuse to buy from costume catalogs in which 80 percent of their costumes look like [clothing for] streetwalkers. Maybe if enough of us do the same, the industry will wake up. I’m also enraged at the parents that encourage this behavior. Some day they will live to regret it.

Paulette Harwood
Paulette’s Ballet Studio
Needham, MA


[Regarding Rhee’s] words [recommending self-regulation of age-appropriate dance education over government regulation] in “On My Mind” [November 2015]: I am so over these people who can’t take care of themselves and make their own provisions and decisions. Thank you for your stand!

Joanne Horn
president and director, Joanne Reagan Dance, Inc.
Cape May, NJ


[“Name That Dancer,” December 2015] comes at the perfect time for our studio, as Ryan’s article was about the importance of teaching dance history in class. This issue [arrived] just after our studio’s annual Dance History Week, which is what Ryan interviewed me about. I appreciate your work in keeping the quality in dance education.

Jennifer Curren
owner and director, Footsteps Family Dance Center
Columbus, OH