January 2017 | Mail

Thank you for the excellent November issue of Dance Studio Life! I thoroughly enjoyed all the articles. I greatly appreciated the focus on appropriate early childhood dance education and dance for seniors. Both populations benefit so much from quality dance experiences. The opening letters [“On My Mind” and “Editor Speak: Preschool Preamble”] were very thoughtful.

Thank you so much for all the work you do to help us become better dance educators.

Anne Green Gilbert
founder, Creative Dance Center,
Kaleidoscope Dance Company, and
Summer Dance Institute for Teachers
Seattle, WA

Via Twitter:
Thank you so much for including [my book, My Seventh Grade Life in Tights] with these awesomely dance-tastic books [“Page Turners,” September 2016]! Thanks for being such amazing champions for all things dance!

Brooks Benjamin
author, My Seventh Grade Life in Tights