July 2017 | Collective Wisdom | Reality Check

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Reality Check: Studio Owner Vacation

Q. Looking for tricks of the trade for when studio owners take a vacation. What do you do to make sure everything operates smoothly while you’re away? —Samantha Bower

A. I let my families know I will not be in the studio—no need to go into details—and make sure my teachers/office staffers are on the same page. Check in when you feel the need, but ask not to be contacted unless it’s an emergency or you won’t be able to relax and enjoy your vacation. —Paula O’Malley

A. For a leave of absence, my SO gave the office manager authority to sign checks and allow minor expenses. My friend and I covered all her classes and oversaw costuming and competition preparation. All of us checked in with a single email. —Nicole Erin Vanderwall

A. Leave someone in charge to handle everything! And delegate! —Megan Edmonds

A. I make a list entitled “Before We Call Teri,” which is a literal list of steps to take before staff call me. Do whatever makes you feel secure enough to leave. Once you start going on vacation when the studio is open, you’ll discover a brand new world! —Teri Mangiaratti

A. Be sure payroll is covered, and work out one week of payroll ahead for when you return. Check in every three days in case there is something pressing—my manager sends a daily or weekly report. Line up a substitute (plus another backup teacher) for your classes. —Dori Matkowski