Words from our readers

I just finished reading the March/April issue of Dance Studio Life and felt compelled to write to thank you for the article on Gail Grant (“Who was Gail Grant?”). At my studio, we often refer to Grant’s Technical Manual and Dictionary of Classical Ballet as our bible, just as the teachers mentioned in the article do.

I am educational director of the Chicago National Association of Dance Masters (CNADM), a professional organization whose members demonstrate their knowledge of dance by passing our membership exams. Gail Grant’s manual is one of the key reference books we recommend prospective members study before taking the ballet test. We refer to the manual when assessing our certification applicants as well, especially for spelling those French terms.

It was very interesting to read about the real person behind that comprehensive book we use so often. I will be able to pass on this information to my students as well, so that they can appreciate the source behind all the words and pictures. Thanks again.

Dorene Wackerfuss
educational director, CNADM


I wanted to write to say thank you. Today I received a copy of the March/April 2018 Dance Studio Life magazine with Karen White’s article about Gail Grant. Ms. Grant was truly a remarkable lady—I enjoyed speaking about her. All the best.

Mme Peff Modelski
classical ballet coach and master teacher
Clarendon Hills, IL