March-April 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

I love your magazine, Facebook posts, and [Rhee Gold’s] recent webinar. This is my fourth year as a studio owner. I cannot agree more with you regarding inappropriate costumes, music, and movement for young dancers. Then I open your magazine and see an ad for a competition with a 7-year-old in a bra top with her hip thrown out, or holding her leg up without proper alignment.

Could you, as a publisher, demand that your advertisers uphold the philosophy you teach? I would be willing to pay more for the magazine if it meant I wasn’t faced with those images. Then again, it’s a monthly reminder of the reasons I do not have a competition team.

Lesley Ruzon
Director, For the Love of Dance
Mountain View, CA

Rhee Gold responds: Thanks for writing, and point well taken. Though I often express my personal views in the magazine, we make a point of being inclusive about what’s available to our readers; I’ve often said there are competitions to suit every taste. I’m pleased that you value the magazine enough to pay more for it, but subscriptions alone don’t keep us in business. It’s our advertisers who keep the magazine coming to you; as a customer or potential customer, however, you might let them know which products, services, and advertising make you more or less likely to give them your business.

This year is the 85th recital for Bernice’s Starrstep Dance Studio [“Schools With Staying Power,” May/June 2010]. I just wanted to let you know we are still going strong. We love your magazine!

Dee Dee Dunn
Instructor, Bernice’s Starrstep Dance Studio
Pensacola, FL