March-April 2016 | Mail


Words from our readers

What an honor to be mentioned (“Broadway’s Ben Vereen,” December 2015) among those who are at the root of where we come forth, “the dance studio life”! Thank you for seeing and delivering words that we live to express: that silent inner voice of the dancer in the studio where our hearts and souls are. I am touched deeply.

Ben Vereen
actor, dancer, singer
San Diego, CA


I cannot begin to express my gratitude for the “Reaching Out With Jazz” article (December 2015). Thank you for sending Karen White to explore the world of Patti Rutland Jazz and for telling our story. It could not have been told any better.

I began as all studio owners begin: I pursued a dance education, found that first building, and hung a shingle. I never dreamed that almost four decades later there would be a professional dance company, a new studio, an outreach program with 6,000 kids, a friendship with Ben Vereen, and an article in a national magazine that tells all about it. It goes to show you that truly, anything is possible!

I feel passionately about dance outreach programs, and I am grateful to Dance Studio Life for allowing my program’s voice to be heard. And to all my fellow studio owners, whether this is your first year or your 100th, congratulations! We have the greatest job in the world!

Patti Rutland
artistic director, Patti Rutland Jazz
Dothan, AL