Dance History Quiz | Choreographers With the Same Side Gigs

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What do modern choreographers Dana Tai Soon Burgess, Monica Bill Barnes, and Andrea Miller have in common?

a. They have all been asked to choreograph work for museums.
b. They have all been asked to choreograph for Broadway shows.
c. They all graduated from The Juilliard School the same year.
d. They have all choreographed pieces inspired by astronomy.

a. They have all been asked to choreograph work for museums.

In 2016, Washington, DC’s Smithsonian named Burgess, director of Dana Tai Soon Burgess Dance Company, as its first choreographer in residence at the National Portrait Gallery. Burgess’s work I Am Vertical, based on the life of poet Sylvia Plath, debuted in December 2017 in conjunction with the gallery’s Plath exhibit. Throughout 2017, New York’s Metropolitan Museum of Art hosted The Museum Workout, in which museumgoers arrived in the early morning, before public hours, to perform choreographed exercises throughout the museum with Barnes and her longtime dance partner Anna Bass. And for its 2017–18 season, the Met named Miller, director of Gallim Dance, as the first choreographer to be its artist in residence. Miller and her company will stage open rehearsals at the museum and debut new work there this May.

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 2017–18 Artist in Residence: Gallim, The Met