May-June 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

I’ve had your February essay “Cultural Citizens” [Editor Speak] sitting on my desk for more than a week, knowing I wanted to read it. I am just about to go into rehearsal—but not without saying thank you for articulating those thoughtful, wise, and wonderful words. They bring encouragement, reassurance, and orientation to our extraordinary journey in dance. So, yes, full STEAM ahead!

Rebecca Kelly
Rebecca Kelly Ballet New York, NY


I have owned Dance Expression for 11 years, with my mother and sister. We attended Rhee’s Project Motivate in 2005; he has inspired us to be our best, grow, and inspire. So was born Dance Expression Dance Competition. We recently held the second annual event. Our students made new friends, learned new things, and had a great experience. We built relationships with the local studios. Our intention of building rapport among local dancers was met. Thank you for inspiring us to take a risk and make a difference.

Christine Ferreira
Dance Expression
Westchester and Dutchess Counties, NY


These aren’t additions but synonyms for two terms you have [“Dance Studio Lingo,” October 2009, seen on Facebook]. I use “sideabesque” and “potty parade.” Also, whenever I refer to counting the music or breathing, my teenagers laugh disbelievingly, so those terms must be funny too. (jk) Thanks for the laugh!

Sheila Fadrosh
Director, The Dance Gallery
Laureldale, PA