May-June 2016 | Mail


Words from our readers

I am so very excited to share this article (“Making It,” March/April 2016) with my friends, family, followers, and Balancing Pointe fans. I just loved the article. I am sure it will help elevate the podcast’s exposure.

Kimberly Falker, JD
host, Balancing Pointe Podcast
Stillwater, MN


Via Facebook:

As a dance teacher and a parent of a child with special needs, I read heartbreaking stories all the time about families searching for a dance program for their special-needs child, only to be rejected by some and not even have phone calls returned by others. I really hope Kylee (“Ask Rhee,” March/April 2016) can be successful in her endeavor. There are many families out there searching for dance opportunities for their children. Thank you, Rhee, for continuing to champion the idea that dance is for everyone.

Hope Daniel
instructor and company director
Dance Dynamics Performing Arts Center
Walled Lake, MI