May-June 2016 | Moving Images


Videos of note (new and not)

Afternoon of a Faun: Tanaquil LeClercq
Directed by Nancy Buirski
Studio: Kino Lorber
Price: $29.95
NR; 91 minutes; 2013

This documentary brings to the screen one of the ballet world’s most haunting stories. Both George Balanchine and Jerome Robbins created iconic roles for Tanaquil LeClercq, and both fell in love with her. (She married Balanchine.) But in 1956, her meteoric career with New York City Ballet was cut short when she was paralyzed by polio at age 27; this elegant, unusual, and strikingly beautiful ballerina never danced again.

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater: Beyond the Steps
Directed by Phil Bertelsen
Studio: Docurama
Price: $26.95
NR; 86 minutes; 2006

A backstage look at Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater at a defining moment in its history. Interweaving the construction of the company’s permanent home in Manhattan, rehearsals for a new work, a triumphant Russian tour, and the dancers’ and staff’s homecoming to their new dream-come-true digs, the film reveals the passion, talent, and hard work that goes into keeping a company running.

Accent on the Offbeat
Directed by Albert Maysles
Studio: Kultur Video
Price: $24.99
NR; 57 minutes; 1994

A cinema vérité film documenting the creation and premiere at New York City Ballet of the ballet Jazz (Six Syncopated Movements), with music by trumpeter Wynton Marsalis and choreography by Peter Martins. The film focuses on the notable contrast—in background, temperament, style, and creative approach—between Martins and Marsalis, as they bring together the disparate worlds of ballet and jazz.

Capturing Grace
Directed by Dave Iverson
Studio: Passion River Films
Price: $24.99
NR; 60 minutes; 2014

Professional dancers move with control and artistry; people with Parkinson’s disease often experience difficulty with everyday motions like walking. They might seem to inhabit different realms. But those realms intersect in Mark Morris Dance Group’s Dance for PD, a program of free, dancer-led movement classes for people with Parkinson’s. This film follows the Dance for PD community for a year as its dancers work together to create a performance—and in so doing, rediscover the meaning of grace.