November 2012 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Artistic Vision

By Geo Hubela

Tip 1

Be visual. A flat routine will receive a flat response. Change spots, move lines, create levels. Not every dancer needs to be moving all the time—have groups freeze while others are moving, then have them rejoin the choreography. Try having some dancers freeze for a single count—this can be very striking, especially when accented with music. Transitions, staging, and visuals will enhance your choreography in a big way. Don’t be afraid to get beginner dancers transitioning and moving in their routines instead of standing in one spot for an entire song.

Tip 2

A creative and visual routine starts with creative ideas, a concept first and then the music. Hip-hop routines don’t need to include Top 40 music and the latest dance craze. Tell a story; pull from something that inspires you. I love to mix the old with the new and create routines that will intrigue an audience. Once I have the music, I costume the piece and create movement. Choreographers are artists—close your eyes, listen to your music repeatedly, and envision your masterpiece.