November 2017 | Focus on the Classroom

Focus on the Classroom

November 2017 | Volume 22 | Issue 9 | Buy a copy

A classroom is more a where than a what. Whether the physical space is elegant and expansive, rough around the edges and broken up with poles, or carved out of a corner of a school gym, all that’s really necessary is an eager student and a knowledgeable teacher. A classroom is anywhere the work happens.

Throughout the month of November, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by December 1.

On the cover: Covington Regional Ballet co-artistic director Ashley Swan. Photo by Richard Calmes


On My Mind | Words from the publisher.

Lucky Editor
Tamsin Nutter
A Step in the Right Direction
Heather Wisner

Tips for Tap Teachers | Learning to Listen
Thelma Goldberg

Tips for Modern & Contemporary Teachers | The Benefits of Parallel
Amber Perkins

Tips for Preschool Teachers | Clear Instructions and Key Words
Susan Bennett 

Taking Care of Business | Three Steps to an Organized Office
Teri Mangiaratti

Teacher Tune-Up | Don’t Fear Change
Sandi Duncan

Ask Rhee Gold | Advice for dance teachers.
The importance of confidentiality agreements
When kindness is perceived as favoritism
How to handle adults who bully students


FYI | What’s up in the dance community.
There’s No Place Like (a New) Home
Choreography Assistant App
Applause Continues for NYCDA Foundation
Sequins and Sensitivity at Curtain Call

Media Hub | Onscreen, on the page, and online.
Ballerina Birdies
A Life in Dance
Cursive II

Competition Zone | Scheduling and Beyond
Karen White

Studio Style | LoMastro Performing Arts Academy
Makeovers, renovations, and dream spaces.
Heather Turbeville

Did You Know? | Who is Robert Battle?

Collective Wisdom | Ideas and advice from our readers.
Reality Check: Scuff Mark Solutions
Classroom Connection: Hold Your Story

Focus on the Classroom

Bolshoi Ballet on the Big Screen
by Joseph Carman
Using live performance cinema as a teaching tool.

ABCs in Action, from Apple to Zig-Zag
Inspire young dancers with this alphabet of playful images.

The Manly Arts
by Ryan P. Casey
Focus turns to male dancers at National Dance Education Organization symposium.

Mia Michaels’ Next Move
by Karen White
Choreographer shares her skills—and her philosophy—in online subscription series.

What a Concept!
by Mary Ellen Hunt
Rhiannon Archerelle’s Ballet Concepts class reframes classical training.

Hip-Hop Toolbox
by Samara Atkins
21 basic moves to know and teach.

Getting Kids In The Groove
New curriculums, music, props, and lessons for teaching preschool children.