October 2014 | Mail


Words from our readers

Just a note to say how meaty and beautifully designed I found the July issue. Loved Cheryl Ossola’s Italy piece [“Editor Speak”]; I found myself taking a deep, slow breath by the end. Congrats to you all on assembling such a professional, consistent team of editors and writers. DSL has become a dance magazine of the truly highest caliber!

Bonner Odell
DSL contributor
Crockett, CA


Thank you so much for featuring my book, Dancing With Kate, in your May/June issue. It is such an honor to be a part of the Dance Studio Life family.

—Laura Blatterman Brown
Arts Pioneer
Atlanta, GA


The Artist [Savion Glover] wishes to thank you and the Dance Studio Life team for such a wonderful spread and interview [“Talking Tap: The truth about tap according to Savion Glover,” August 2014].

Sheik Dorian
The SG Offices @ The HooFeRzCLuB
Newark, NJ


I really enjoyed this article [“Improving With Age,” August 2014]. There is “room for us,” for sure. In three days I will be 76. Last year we celebrated our 50th dance recital. I think the key to success is training good teachers and assistants as you go. Three teachers on my staff started with me as children and have been teaching 30 years or more.

I teach approximately 16 classes per week, with junior assistants—ballet, tap, jazz, and musical comedy, and weeklong dance camps and weekend intensives. I especially like teaching the 4- and 5-year-olds. There is nothing like seeing brand-new beginners connecting to dance and loving it.

Barbara Lotsberg
Barbi Lee Dance Arts Studio
Edina, MN


Thank you so much—I’m very honored to be a part of your magazine [“Teacher in the Spotlight,” August 2014].

—Dana Stone
Stepping Stone Dance Studio
Bristol, PA