October 2017 | Recital Roundup

Recital Roundup

October 2017 | Volume 22 | Issue 8 | Buy a copy

In the long months of preparation, there were steps to learn and costumes to try on, fumbles to fix and butterflies to quell. Now onstage, bathed in light and breathless, young students turn into dancers before the eyes of their supportive teachers and adoring parents. Another recital has worked its magic.

Throughout the month of October, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by November 1.

On the cover: Pam Rossi’s Dance Ten. Photo by Mathews Studios Photography.

On My Mind | Words from the publisher.

The 15-Minute Recital
Tamsin Nutter
A Delicate Dance
Karen White

Tips for Ballet Teachers | First vs Second Arabesque and Correcting Positively
David Arce

Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Passing on the Essence of Hip-Hop
Samara Atkins

Tips for Special-Needs Teachers | Social and Emotional Learning
Tricia Gomez 

Dollars, Cents, and Due Diligence | How Can I Save on Taxes?
Michelle Cote

Teacher Tune-Up | Making Peace With the Mirror
Sandi Duncan

Ask Rhee Gold | Advice for dance teachers.
What to do when another studio opens down the street
Taking back preschool classes
Managing relationships with students

Mail | Words from our readers.

FYI | What’s up in the dance community.
Sweating With the Alpacas
DTCB College Fair: A Study in Dance Higher Ed
The Swing Never Stops at Lindy Hop Championships
Hooray for World Ballet Day

Media Hub | Onscreen, on the page, and online.
Restless Creature: Wendy Whelan
Dance and Gender: An Evidence-Based Approach
Ballroom: A Novel
New Work Created at the Pillow

Competition Zone | One Judge’s Symbiotic Spirit
Karen White

Studio Style | Dreams Dance Academy
Makeovers, renovations, and dream spaces.
Heather Turbeville

Wearing It Well | Costume Sizing With A Wish Come True
Karen White

Did You Know? | Dance History Quiz
Wendy Whelan’s Balanchine Debut
$1.2 Million Piece of Dance Memorabilia
Dessert Worthy of a Ballerina
An Unlikely Comeback
Good Luck?
Dancer, Choreographer, Actress, Survivor
The Tricky Business of Translations
Ethan Stiefel’s Other Passion

Collective Wisdom | Ideas and advice from our readers.
Reality Check: Program Ad Design
Classroom Connection: Barre Boredom

Recital Roundup

Short and Sweet
by Joseph Carman
Streamlining recitals for everyone’s benefit.

10 Ideas to Keep Your Recital Running Smoothly
by Mary Constantine-Nelson

Lights, Camera, Action!
by Debra Danese
Boost studio and recital attendance by creating a video trailer.

Performing Outside the Box
by Bonner Odell
Year-end alternatives to the traditional dance recital. 

The Anatomy of a Recital Postmortem
by Tiffany R. Jansen
Your recital may be over, but don’t bury it just yet.

Package Deal
by Tiffany R. Jansen
Bundling fees can make studio life simpler.

Sparkles and Stories
Make an impact with new recital costumes and backdrops.

A Little Friendly Competition
by Kay Waters
Professional association unites industry businesses for the good of all.