October 2018 | Recital Roundup

October 2018 | Volume 23 | Issue 8 | Buy a copy

Recital Roundup
Emotions swirl when another studio recital is at its end. There’s the heady exhilaration of performance. The satisfaction of a job well done. Relief and joy and affirmation. There’s sadness too, for the dance that just minutes before shimmered in the bright stage lights, and now is nothing but a memory.

Throughout October, we’ll be publishing selected stories online, with most content available by November 1.

Safe Spaces
by Heather Wisner
Smart ways to handle backstage access during recitals.

Choreography Conundrum
compiled by Debra Danese
Do songs move you? Or are you captured by costumes?

Variations on a Theme
by Karen White
Recital themes open up creative possibilities—and can be super fun for everyone.

Our Final Issue: A Celebration
And just like that, we’re at our swan song. Preparing this last issue of Dance Studio Life was a labor of love, and we hope you cherish the stroll down memory lane that we created just for you. Take care, dear readers. We will miss you.

A Fond Farewell
by Ryan P. Casey
Publisher Rhee Gold looks back at Dance Studio Life’s history—and turns his attention to what’s next.

Culture Shock
by Karen White
What happened while you were reading DSL? Plenty.

From the Heart
by Heather Turbeville
Tales of largesse and kindness were DSL mainstays.

Fit for a Coffee Cup
by Alaina Leary
DSL quotes offered wisdom, humor, and heart.

Words of Wisdom
by Tamsin Nutter
A 23-columnist salute to 11 years of ideas, insight, and inspiration.