July 2013 | On My Mind

Words from the publisher

This month we’re celebrating Dance Studio Life’s ninth anniversary. In a time when we constantly hear about the imminent death of print magazines, we are proudly bucking the trend with our largest July issue ever. We are always focused on creating content that will enhance the lives and careers of our loyal readers, and our subscription base is growing every day.

When we launched Dance Studio Life in 2004, some of my well-intentioned advisers told me not to try a print magazine and instead focus on publishing online only. Although we do have a large internet presence, which continues to grow, I wanted a publication that our readers could hold in their hands, one that could be saved as a reference. I said all of this knowing that my advisors might be right. But I needed to trust my instincts, and in this case it worked out marvelously.

As I have said many times, I believe the dance education field is one of the greatest professions. I look at it as a form of communication in which we pass on one of the oldest art forms known to humankind. Teachers are the conservators who preserve the history of dance and take the art form to new heights, passing it on—along with their devotion to it—to each succeeding generation. With that philosophy in mind, my goal is always this: that Dance Studio Life educates our readers and inspires them to be the best possible teachers and defenders of the art of dance.

As a publisher, I have learned that it takes a dedicated team to pull off the success we’ve experienced over the last nine years. It is with humble gratitude that I thank our editor in chief, Cheryl Ossola, whom I consider one of the finest editors in our field. Through her efforts we have assembled an impressive team—editorial manager Arisa White and associate editors Karen White and Lisa Okuhn. Art director Mim Atkins and production manager Scott Oxhorn produce a beautiful and innovative publication with every issue.

Thanks, too, to office manager Jackie Kitsis and senior consultant Diane Despopoulos, who manage the office and the financial side of the magazine. And special thanks to Rob Adams and Paul Lally, who handle advertising sales and provide the backbone for our continued growth. As any publisher knows, you can’t have a magazine without advertisers.

I love the fact that many advertisers who jumped on board with the first edition in July 2004 are still with us today. Many of them tell me that they are proud to advertise with Dance Studio Life because they believe in the message we send to our readers.

I am honored to serve as the publisher of Dance Studio Life, and I thank you, our readers, for your constant support. We will continue to strive to bring you the best publication possible.