On My Mind | Making fulfillment a priority

Words from the publisher

You can do anything, but you can’t do everything.

One day while I was scrolling through Instagram, those words stopped me cold.

Photo by Mim Adkins

It was the start of the year—the time when people face the future with fresh attitudes and resolutions. When I read the quote, I was scheduling a year of travel, strategizing the next moves for DSL magazine, and creating schedules and marketing plans for DanceLife conferences and retreats. I was also preparing agendas for the upcoming board meetings of all the organizations I’m involved with. My list of responsibilities seemed to go on and on.

While I am filled with gratitude for all the opportunities that have come my way, as well as for the employees and friends who support me and my companies, the statement “you can’t do everything” rings true for me. I’ve decided that figuring out what will bring me the most fulfillment—such as finding time for a personal life—needs to be just as important as my business commitments.

Like many of you, it’s hard for me to say no. It’s even harder to quiet my inner drive to succeed, to stop adding new ventures to what’s become a dizzying professional schedule. But as I’ve added “no” to my vocabulary, I’ve actually gotten to experience what chilling out feels like.

I’ve worked with many dance teachers and studio owners who have been where I am now, and I wondered how they could get in so deep without realizing they were in over their heads. Now I get it. We can be so busy that we confuse success with fulfillment.

I wish both for you, but hope you’ll make fulfillment your priority. Enjoy the journey.