On My Mind | The Benefits of Confidence

Words from the publisher

Confidence benefits you and your students.

Dance teachers experience frustration when they know what they want to accomplish, but fear that what they need to do to get there will upset or confuse students or parents. Sometimes anxiety about the confrontations to come, or fears of losing a student, or runaway thoughts about what someone might say about them causes teachers to put their own beliefs aside. After many years, the frustrations, feelings of defeat, and burnout can be overwhelming.

Photo by Mim Adkins

But you gain more respect by standing strong in your beliefs. There will always be people who want something different or who think they know better. That’s OK. Maybe a disgruntled client moves on, but maybe that moving on clears the way for a fresh start for a class or team, or allows everyone involved to rediscover the joy that had been overshadowed by grumbling and complaints. Think of that not as your loss, but a problem for someone else’s studio.

Don’t forget that the majority of parents and students understand and support your mission. They stay with you because they respect your integrity and can count on your word. That belief in you as an educator and business owner helps to grow your business and creates positive word of mouth in the community.

All of this has to do with confidence—your confidence. Develop a mission for what you want to accomplish with a set of strategies to achieve that goal. You won’t please everyone, but this confidence will free you from the fear that holds you back. Stay true to yourself—each time you do, your confidence will grow.

Happy New Year!