September 2015 | Mail


Words from our readers

Your piece [“FYI: Luigi: A Life of Influence and Inspiration,” July 2015] was beautifully written. You told the story of Luigi’s life and legacy and captured what made him such an inspiration. I’m truly honored that my quotes were included. For those of us who knew Luigi and loved him, reading a piece such as yours helps us to heal as we continue our grieving process.

Lisa Biagini
New York, NY


At competitions, how is it that all judges award the same things? The “recipe” for competition has become so mainstream that when “new” hits the stage, it’s as if judges don’t know how to react. Where is the training for judges? Do they know how hard it is for a group of 7-year-olds to tap in unison for 2.5 minutes? Why do I spend nine months creating dances to better my dancers and give them substance, then find myself second-guessing my talents six weekends a year?

I have always wanted the competition companies to take the genres of dance they don’t care about off their options. How many times have I had to sit with an upset dancer who nailed her Paquita variation and explain that dance is a marathon and we are on the right path in our process?

Leslie Nolte
Nolte Academy
Coralville, IA