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Choreography Conundrum

Do songs move you? Or are you captured by costumes? compiled by Debra Danese When it’s time to choreograph, we all look for the idea that will spark our creativity. Inspiration doesn’t always come quickly—or easily. Here at Dance Studio Life we noticed that when it comes to recital choreography, some teachers start with a…

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July 2017 | On My Mind

Words from the publisher I recently traveled to Glendale, Arizona, to present weekend seminars at the Spisak Dance Academy. It was a different seminar experience than most I’ve had, because I got to work with everyone involved—the faculty, the students, and their parents. The kids and the teachers were easy for me, but the parents…

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July 2016 | Hope for the Holidays

The Valley of the Sun, a prosperous swath of south-central Arizona that includes the greater Phoenix area, cradles Dance Connection 2, in suburban Chandler. DC2, as it’s known locally, was spun off 28 years ago from Scottsdale’s Dance Connection studio by MaryAnna Gooch, now 72. Several years ago Gooch decided to dedicate the school’s Christmastime show to charity, choosing HopeKids Arizona, a nonprofit organization that serves children with life-threatening illnesses, as beneficiary.

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November 2015 | College Close-Ups | Arizona State University

The dance program at Arizona State University (ASU) School of Film, Dance and Theatre offers a range of opportunities for creative expression, including classes ranging from urban movement to contemporary ballet, community partnerships, and public events focusing on new student work.

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October 2015 | One for All: the 2015 DanceLife Teacher Conference

This year’s DanceLife Teacher Conference began with producer Rhee Gold making a request of the 800 dance teachers and studio owners in attendance: “Make this week about you,” he said. “Take the time to rejuvenate.” He recalled his mother telling him, when he was a child, to go outside and get lost—in a good way, of course. It was time for the attendees to “get lost” themselves; for these few days at The Phoenician in Scottsdale, Arizona, he said, let others handle the school, the house, the kids.

They did, if the smiles, laughter, and conversation witnessed at every turn were any indication. And they did it together. Everywhere, collegiality trumped competition. At breakfast and lunch, teachers welcomed strangers to their tables and swapped stories and ideas.

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October 2013 | Arizona Dance Invasion

Last month, we ran a story on a festival called Dance Planet. That’s where we thought we were last August—on an actual dance planet—when the DanceLife Teacher Conference took over a vast portion of the Phoenician Resort in Scottsdale, Arizona. Surrounded by 750 dance teachers and school owners, 70 dance-industry vendors, and 44 faculty and staff members, we were a world unto ourselves. From 7:30am, when the doors opened for breakfast, until 9 or 10pm, when the day’s last seminar ended, little else existed other than dance.

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