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From the Heart

Tales of largesse and kindness were DSL mainstays by Heather Turbeville Above a childlike drawing of a dancer onstage are the words “The stage is like a second home for me.” The author of this statement is Amy, a student in Dance Another World, which teaches English through dance to nonnative speakers. Her grasp of…

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Teacher Tune-Up | Kindness in Our Community

by Sandi Duncan In these challenging times, it’s refreshing to witness the good-hearted people of the dance community performing so many acts of kindness. In the past year alone, I’ve seen dancers, studio owners, teachers, and dance families raising funds for those affected by floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes, and banding together to run clothing and…

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A Community Takes Care of Its Own

Dance world comes together for an awards show like no other by Tamsin Nutter Dateline: Hollywood. The red carpet buzzed as women in floor-length gowns and men in sharp suits posed for photographers before filtering into the historic Avalon Theater. It was a typical La-La Land scene, but this event—the 2017 Industry Dance Awards &…

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Best Job Ever

Teaching dance can be frustrating, exhausting, and low-paying. So why do we do it? by Chris Koseluk You know teaching dance probably won’t make you famous. You’re not in it for the money. And it’s probably safe to say you weren’t lured by the luxurious surroundings, the great hours, or the job security. But every…

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February 2014 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community:

“Papa” Frank Hatchett Dies

Inspired Art: Pilobolus

A Cause in Colorado

Ballet on the Big Screen

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October 2013 | Thinking Out Loud | Happy Ending

We have many pictures of us together, my students and I. Hugging at the end of class, posing in arabesque at the beach, screaming our lungs out at Canobie Lake Park. We became the masters of the self-portrait, arms extended as we held the camera before us, blinding ourselves with the flash.

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August 2013 | FYI

Studio dancers and teachers everywhere owe a debt of gratitude to Taffy Epstein, who based her costume company and line of coast-to-coast dance retail stores on the then-radical ideas of style, quality, and convenience. She died June 10 at age 92.

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March-April 2010 | Giving Back | Dancers for ALL

When Ali Dietz came up with the idea for “Dancers Give Back” in 2008, she wasn’t thinking about how the event would help sustain a charitable foundation or how it would lead to the founding of a special research project. The 21-year-old student and dance instructor only knew that her friend Jacquie had cancer and she needed to do something to help.

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Quiet Strength

We all need inspiration at times. Sometimes it comes in an email or as a “feel good” piece at the end of a newscast; usually we don’t experience it on a personal level. But I have three stories of inspiration to share, all of them very personal. All three involve my faculty, and one is about my sister, whose fearful words on the telephone will always remain in my memory: “I want you to come home. I have breast cancer.”

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Dance Against Disease

For many girls, the dream of dance begins with the ballerina, the model of physical perfection. But for Andréa Rizzo, dance began as therapy and the means for overcoming the debilitating effects of early childhood cancer. She was one of many children who have tempered their struggle with disease with the joys of dance. It was a gift she was destined to share with other little boys and girls just like her.

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