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Media Hub | Boston Ballerina: A Dancer, a Company, an Era

Boston Ballerina: A Dancer, a Company, an Era   by Laura Young and Janine Parker As a charter member of Boston Ballet and its predecessor, New England Civic Ballet, Laura Young has been affiliated with the company longer than any other dancer in its history. Both a memoir of her personal journey and a fascinating…

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July 2017 | FYI | Ballet Dancer Creates No-Judgment Company

Ballet Dancer Creates No-Judgment Company Professional dancer Briana Selstad Bosch was fed up with her friends and colleagues being made to feel that they didn’t measure up to ballet’s established physical aesthetic, so she recently founded a company where everyone fits. Ballet5280—named for the elevation of her company’s Denver, Colorado hometown—presented its first concert performance…

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December 2016 | Raw and Awesome

by Joseph Carman

As a dance form, hip-hop emerged from the streets, and its spontaneity, energy, and individuality reinforce its appeal. So when you place hip-hop in concert form, as choreographer Lorenzo “Rennie” Harris has done successfully for 25 years, it’s vital to retain that freshness while instilling it with discipline and stagecraft. Enter Rennie Harris Awe-Inspiring Works (RHAW), a second company to the acclaimed Rennie Harris Puremovement.

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July 2015 | Ballet Scene | Artists in Charge

Imagine a team of dedicated people working together, employing a wide range of skills and knowledge, doing whatever is needed to sustain their organization and keep it growing. Some might call it crowdsourcing, others collaboration. At Saint Paul Ballet (SPB), they call it an artist-led ballet company, and it’s working.

This model has dancers who function not only as performing artists but also take on the administrative roles that keep the company running: some work on public relations, others outreach, marketing, production, or fundraising.

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May-June 2014 | So Long Nest Egg, Hello Dance

At Off Broadway Dance Company, owners Pat Balderas and Geri Messer, both 66, are having as much fun as their students. That’s not unheard of. But what’s unusual at this Toledo-based studio, now in its third year, is the fact that these two women, neither of whom had thought about owning a dance school, came out of retirement to do just that.

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July 2013 | The Company Route

It’s a dream for many dance teachers—having a company of their own, a way to visualize their own creativity. Three dance teachers based in or near Portland, Oregon, created student companies with different goals in mind. They told us about their dreams, their hard work, and the personal rewards they gained.

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