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A Fond Farewell

Publisher Rhee Gold looks back at Dance Studio Life’s history—and turns his attention to what’s next by Ryan P. Casey Rhee Gold chuckles as he begins telling me a story. “This is the best one,” he says. He said the same thing before launching into a different anecdote 15 minutes ago, but I’m all ears.…

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Ask Rhee Gold | Changing with the times

Advice for Dance Teachers Hello Rhee, I remember that you spoke years ago at Project Motivate about how teachers can assure that their male students look masculine by having them do the same arm positions as the girls, but with fists instead of feminine hands and such. When I judge, I often comment on this,…

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October 2012 | Shared Seclusion

By Karen White

The five wild turkeys were in no rush, scratching their way methodically across the DanceLife Retreat Center lawn, looking up and loping into the woods when a car crunched across the gravel drive.

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September 2012 | On My Mind

As I’m writing this, I’m heading into my fifth week of seminars at the DanceLife Retreat Center. And what I’ve discovered is that not only can dreams come true, but they can exceed our expectations.

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February 2012 | On My Mind

We are in the midst of construction for the DanceLife Retreat Center, which will open July 6. The hustle and bustle of the many contractors involved goes on all day, every day, and I am having a blast watching it all happen. Who knew you could get so excited to see a wall go up or windows installed? But that’s exactly what happens to me every time I visit the site.

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August 2011 | On My Mind

In this column last February, I wrote about my vision to create a retreat center for dance educators. It had been a dream for me since I launched Project Motivate in 1998

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