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A Fond Farewell

Publisher Rhee Gold looks back at Dance Studio Life’s history—and turns his attention to what’s next by Ryan P. Casey Rhee Gold chuckles as he begins telling me a story. “This is the best one,” he says. He said the same thing before launching into a different anecdote 15 minutes ago, but I’m all ears.…

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October 2010 | On My Mind

About two years ago I met Susan Rizzo Vincent, the founder of The Andréa Rizzo Foundation. Susan started the organization in memory of her daughter, Andréa, who survived childhood cancer but was killed at age 24 by a drunk driver.

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Dance Against Disease

For many girls, the dream of dance begins with the ballerina, the model of physical perfection. But for Andréa Rizzo, dance began as therapy and the means for overcoming the debilitating effects of early childhood cancer. She was one of many children who have tempered their struggle with disease with the joys of dance. It was a gift she was destined to share with other little boys and girls just like her.

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