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From the Heart

Tales of largesse and kindness were DSL mainstays by Heather Turbeville Above a childlike drawing of a dancer onstage are the words “The stage is like a second home for me.” The author of this statement is Amy, a student in Dance Another World, which teaches English through dance to nonnative speakers. Her grasp of…

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A Fond Farewell

Publisher Rhee Gold looks back at Dance Studio Life’s history—and turns his attention to what’s next by Ryan P. Casey Rhee Gold chuckles as he begins telling me a story. “This is the best one,” he says. He said the same thing before launching into a different anecdote 15 minutes ago, but I’m all ears.…

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On My Mind | The end of an era

Words from the publisher This July marks 14 years since we launched Dance Studio Life magazine. Skeptics told me that a print magazine for dance teachers wouldn’t fly, but my gut told me to go for it. Dance education is one of the greatest professions in the world, and I knew that with a magazine…

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