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A Fond Farewell

Publisher Rhee Gold looks back at Dance Studio Life’s history—and turns his attention to what’s next by Ryan P. Casey Rhee Gold chuckles as he begins telling me a story. “This is the best one,” he says. He said the same thing before launching into a different anecdote 15 minutes ago, but I’m all ears.…

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Media Hub | Beginning Hip-Hop Dance

Beginning Hip-Hop Dance by E. Moncell Durden Dancer, educator, and historian Durden provides dance and general education students with a strong foundation in the fundamentals of hip-hop—techniques, styles, aesthetics, history, significant works, and artists. A companion web resource includes 56 video clips for practicing techniques.

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Media Hub | Boston Ballerina: A Dancer, a Company, an Era

Boston Ballerina: A Dancer, a Company, an Era   by Laura Young and Janine Parker As a charter member of Boston Ballet and its predecessor, New England Civic Ballet, Laura Young has been affiliated with the company longer than any other dancer in its history. Both a memoir of her personal journey and a fascinating…

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In My Humble Opinion | Sacred Spaces

  Sacred Spaces by Casey C. Davenport Before performing, I always had to be alone in my space. As a teacher, it’s the same—I need my 15 minutes by myself. The quiet before the storm, I guess. Before the school opens, I sip a cup of warm black coffee in the still studio. With just…

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May-June 2017 | Page Turners

Books of note (new and not)
1. Tappin’ at the Apollo: The African American Female Tap Dance Duo Salt and Pepper
2. Saving Radio City Music Hall: A Dancer’s True Story
3. How They Became Famous Dancers: A Dancing History
4. Merce Cunningham: Beyond the Perfect Stage

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December 2016 | Jazz Hands-On

by Karen White

Questions about what jazz dance is, where it lives, who does it and why drove discussions at the conference, Jazz Dance: Roots and Branches in Practice, held July 21 to August 3 in Newport, Rhode Island, hosted by the dance program at Salve Regina University. Hailed by attendees as a rare opportunity for educators, historians, choreographers, and master teachers to come together in celebration of jazz dance, the conference addressed not only the jazz lexicon but issues of race, relatability, and respect that impact how the art form is taught and viewed.

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October 2016 | Talking Tap

There are two major streams of tap dance from which all other styles have evolved. One is rhythm tap (or jazz tap), which derives from the musical qualities of jazz music and includes core elements of rhythm, call-and-response, and improvisation.

The other is a more theater-derived style that can be called musical theater tap, a full-bodied style of percussive dance that incorporates elements of soft shoe (an early form of stage dancing derived from the jig and clog, performed in slow 4/4 time without tapping), ballet, and ballroom, and often relies on set choreographies for large choruses, with relatively simple step patterns that allow the dancers’ meticulous steps to be seen and heard.

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September 2016 | Page Turners

Books of note (new and not)
1. Sweat, Tears, and Jazz Hands: The Official History of Show Choir from Vaudeville to Glee
2. How It Feels to Fly
3. My Seventh-Grade Life in Tights
4. Ballroom! Obsession and Passion Inside the World of Competitive Dance

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August 2016 | Treasure Troves of Dance

These days, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn’t do research online, whether it’s for nuggets of dance history, video clips of famous dances or dancers, photos, reviews, or even song lyrics. The riches that can be found keep expanding as more and more established dance institutions digitize their collections and wet-behind-the-ears organizations take steps into archival territory. We’ve collected many of these archives here. Some are searchable sites where you’re likely to tumble into a deep “research rabbit hole,” some are aggregates of archives, and some list holdings that are viewable only in physical locations. We hope you’ll find something that sparks your curiosity, increases your knowledge, and reignites your creative spirit.

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March-April 2016 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community
❱ Collaborative Learning
❱ Tapping Into History
❱ De Vita Hands ABT School Leadership to Harvey
❱ A Merger of Music and Dance

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February 2016 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community
❱ A Snapshot of Connecticut Dance History
❱ Art in View at Google Cultural Institute
❱ Artistic Influences
❱ More Than a Showgirl: Fluff LeCoque

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December 2015 | Page Turners

Books of note (new and not)
1. Jazz Dance: A History of the Roots and Branches
2. What the Eye Hears: A History of Tap Dancing
3. Hip Hop on Film: Performance Culture, Urban Space, and Genre Transformation in the 1980s
4. Hermes Pan: The Man Who Danced With Fred Astaire

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December 2015 | Name That Dancer

With so many performances and competitions to prepare for, technique to drill, and choreography to experiment with, teachers often don’t think they have time to teach dance history, a topic often associated with college programs. Some instructors may have only 30 or 45 minutes with a class. Others may not know how to make history relevant and exciting to students, or how to do it while keeping the class moving. And it may seem unfair to require students to read articles or conduct research as part of a dance class, in addition to their regular schoolwork.

Fortunately, there are many ways to engage students in learning about dance icons, styles, and events of the past, and teachers who are more than happy to share their methods for making history come alive in their studios.

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May-June 2015 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community:

Filmmakers Tap Into Inspiration

Dance in Hidden Spaces

Chicago Dance History Project

Erik Bruhn Prize Winners

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January 2015 | From Temple Dance to Today’s Stages

What is belly dance and how did it develop? The answer isn’t simple. Multiple stories, some with little evidence, are told about the origins of belly dance—as an ancient temple dance, a folk dance for social occasions, even a ritual to assist women in childbirth—and so many styles have developed in recent years that a definition is difficult to pin down.

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December 2013 | Tap’s Past Made Present

When I first started tap dancing, I knew little of the art form’s history. As I was introduced to giants in the field, the likes of Gregory Hines, Henry LeTang, and Jimmy Slyde, they became living personal connections to a past I still couldn’t envision. It wasn’t until a fellow dancer handed me a compilation of tap dance video clips that I grasped the breadth and depth of the form’s history. But not all of tap dance has been documented—particularly not in the format of a moving image—and this poses a serious challenge to anyone interested in understanding tap’s history.

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January 2013 | EditorSpeak

José Limón’s Othello-inspired dance, The Moor’s Pavane, is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in dance history. The work is the prime example of Limón’s intense, nuanced modern-dance voice, and I had never seen it. So when Diablo Ballet of Walnut Creek, California, offered it (in conjunction with sjDANCEco of San Jose), I marked my calendar. Preceding Pavane, with only a pause in between, was a piece by Vicente Nebrada from 1978, and the juxtaposition was striking.

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October 2012 | 2 Tips for Hip-Hop Teachers | Watch and Learn

Homework! Understand the history and the styles. Studying old films is a great way to pick up moves and understand where they came from. Wild Style, a movie about hip-hop pioneers, is a must. Beat Street motivated me to breakdance and battle. Breakin’ is more of a commercial film but has some great popping—Turbo and Ozone rocked it out! The Freshest Kids, one of my favorites on hip-hop history, is an essential hip-hop tool.

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