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Culture Shock

What happened while you were reading DSL? Plenty. by Karen White Blink your eyes, and 14 years have gone by. Technological and cultural developments over the past decade and a half have had an undeniable impact on the dance education industry, the jobs we do, and the kids we teach. Let’s stroll back in time…

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The Boys of Temecula

Cross-training, pro mentors, and motivation are a winning mix for Temecula Dance Company’s male dancers by Joseph Carman “Don’t make it look like step aerobics,” hip-hop choreographer and teacher Erik Saradpon shouts over “Uptown Funk.” “The dip is on 7. Zap the arms vertically from the armpit.” The male students—38 in this particular rehearsal—ace the…

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Great Beginnings

Ease students into class with an opening ritual When you step through the studio door, do you shake off the day and refocus on the lesson to come? It’s not always an easy transition, but educators understand its importance, and most work out their own method for making it happen. But what about students—who, just…

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December 2015 | Name That Dancer

With so many performances and competitions to prepare for, technique to drill, and choreography to experiment with, teachers often don’t think they have time to teach dance history, a topic often associated with college programs. Some instructors may have only 30 or 45 minutes with a class. Others may not know how to make history relevant and exciting to students, or how to do it while keeping the class moving. And it may seem unfair to require students to read articles or conduct research as part of a dance class, in addition to their regular schoolwork.

Fortunately, there are many ways to engage students in learning about dance icons, styles, and events of the past, and teachers who are more than happy to share their methods for making history come alive in their studios.

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July 2015 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community

Luigi: A Life of Influence and Inspiration

Renowned Teacher Maggie Black Dies

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March-April 2015 | FYI

What’s up in the dance community:

The Dance Happy Project

Musical Tribute to Luigi

Shaking It Down in the Subway

Archives Expands Collection

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November 2013 | FYI

Dancers wedged in stairwells against peeling concrete, skipping over a bone-dry lakebed, or crouching spiderlike on a deserted city street. In photographer Weiferd Watts’ world, drama was a dancer in an untraditional setting—no costume or stage lights, just body and movement, shape and air.

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December 2012 | Luigi

No name denotes the love of, dedication to, or healing powers of jazz dancing quite like Luigi’s. He’s one of the few living legends of his generation who remains steadily—and joyfully—active in dance. At Luigi’s Jazz Centre—The First World Jazz Centre, housed at Studio Maestro on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, the 87-year-old Luigi still instructs his regular 11am class. And if you’ve ever taken a jazz class in New York, you’ve very likely experienced Luigi’s magic. Even jazz dancers who haven’t studied with him have indirectly been touched by his classic jazz style.

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December 2010 | Ask Rhee Gold

This year we registered two students who came to us from another school. When the mom started to badmouth her kids’ previous teacher, I quickly explained that their teacher was a friend of mine and that I wasn’t comfortable hearing any negative comments.

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Ask Rhee Gold

My mom has owned her school for 43 years and I’ve been teaching for her for more than 20. Yesterday I came to work to discover her crying in the basement. After prodding her to tell me what happened, she said that a couple of her teenage students had just told her that she’s too old to teach them. They said, “We want to learn real jazz, like hip-hop, not the old-fashioned jazz!”

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