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FYI | Ballet Arizona Taps New School Leader

What’s up in the dance community Anthony Jones is making the leap to a new school and warmer weather this winter. In December, Ballet Arizona announced that Jones, the former director of Oregon Ballet Theatre School, had been appointed school director of the School of Ballet Arizona, where he begins work February 12. He’ll oversee…

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Thinking Out Loud | Memories of a Master

My first experience with Jerry came as a 10-yearold. I was chosen to be Cupid in Mother Goose. My task was to lead Prince Charming to the fairy princess and shoot her in the heart with my magic arrow. I was onstage for all of 3 minutes, a seemingly unimportant child’s role that a ballet master could no doubt teach. Robbins taught it himself as he would later teach Fancy Free and Dances at a Gathering: so that I recognized the importance, filling me with images of my character’s motivation and a sense of my larger responsibility to the plot and success of the ballet. He reminded me of the dangers of twigs snapping under my clumsy foot or of rustled leaves waking the dormant princess. He instilled in me an importance of our work in the studio, his and mine, not my work for him, which is more how I would have seen it.

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