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Tips for Ballet Teachers | Holding Plié and Feeling “Ballet Muscles”

by David Arce Ballet is all about plié. Once students leave the barre for the center, nearly every step and position starts with plié—especially jumps. So periodically, during warm-up changements or sautés, give your students extra time to find and hold deep pliés. During a repetitive series of jumps—for example, eight changements—students often sacrifice the…

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Ballet Scene | Teaching Pirouettes

If classical ballet instruction can be said to have a Golden Rule, it might be “Begin at the barre.” Classes begin at the barre, where students learn to perform a step competently before they attempt it in the center. Most instructors follow this rule in teaching pirouettes; standard instruction books such as Gretchen Ward Warren’s Classical Ballet Technique (pp. 141 and 177) advocate the practice of half-turns with relevé in retiré at the barre (while recommending that beginners execute one full pirouette in the center).

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2 Tips for Teachers | Pirouettes

It is important for young children to practice the head movement, and to spot, before starting to learn pirouettes. Here is a useful way to achieve this:

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