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October 2016 | Repetition Through Play

A child’s work is play, and classroom games can make learning more fun. We teach technique through repetition, and creative play helps mask that repetition so that students stay engaged. (See “From the Top—Again.”) Supplies for most of the following games cost little or can be found at your home or studio.

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If You Play, You Pay

OK, so you own a dance studio. For your classes you use recordings or have a pianist playing various musical scores. Some of those songwriters or composers might include, say, Stevie Wonder, Leonard Bernstein, Duke Ellington, John Lennon, Beyoncé, Neil Diamond, or Gloria Estefan. And artists like these have written some of the millions of song titles and compositions from the last century, including such diverse genres as Broadway show tunes, R&B, rap, rock, hip-hop, classical, Latin, New Age, country, gospel, Christian, and pop. And during the school year, chances are you have recitals and performances that utilize these musical selections.

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