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October 2010 | Common Ground | My Child, My Student

Each morning when Kehree Lacasse unlocks her North Vancouver studio, she transforms from a mother of two to a “mother” of 450. But because one student is her own daughter, she also wrestles with the perceptions that arise among her clients

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Ballet Scene | Argentine Tradition

Dancing families are common; dance legacies, less so. When Nicolas (Nico) Neglia, 11, heads off to his father’s class, he doesn’t think about being part of a chain of famous male Argentine dancers. Gracing the lobby at Neglia Conservatory of Ballet, his parents’ Buffalo-based studio, are photos of his grandfather, José Neglia, and his father, Sergio Neglia, soaring through the air. Also on the wall are the Neglia women. Nico’s grandmother, Maria Del Carmen Perez (José’s wife), enjoyed an outstanding career with the Colón Theater in Buenos Aires, Argentina, and Nico’s mother and sometimes teacher, Heidi Halt, danced with Oakland Ballet, Cincinnati Ballet, and Scapino Ballet of Rotterdam.

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