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Choreography Conundrum

Do songs move you? Or are you captured by costumes? compiled by Debra Danese When it’s time to choreograph, we all look for the idea that will spark our creativity. Inspiration doesn’t always come quickly—or easily. Here at Dance Studio Life we noticed that when it comes to recital choreography, some teachers start with a…

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August 2010 | Senior Moments to Cherish

If you’ve never taught senior citizens, you don’t know what you’re missing. I’ve been a teacher for more than 40 years; I owned a studio in New Jersey for 18 years, and after I moved to Arizona, I began teaching for Spisak Dance Academy in Glendale.

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July 2010 | Schools With Staying Power | 50 Years of Desert Dance

In the desert town of Wickenburg, Arizona, in 1960, former dancer Ann Spisak decided that her two young daughters should learn how to dance. But the going rate of $2 per class felt like too much to spend on classes for 8-year-old April and 6-year-old Roxanne. So, Ann thought, why not turn her screened-in porch into a dance studio and teach her kids herself?

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