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Fit for a Coffee Cup

DSL quotes offered wisdom, humor, and heart by Alaina Leary If there’s anything this magazine proves, it’s that no one understands a dance teacher like a fellow dance teacher. Yet among the technical teaching tips, answers to common classroom questions, studio business info, and product suggestions, one aspect of this magazine stands out—the unstinting wisdom…

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Support Our Vets

Veteran teachers have much to offer a studio. Here’s some sage advice for keeping them engaged and active. by Jill Randall What a gift to have staff members who bring 20, 30, or more years of teaching experience to your program. Their understanding of technique, child development, lesson planning, and choreographing on students is deep…

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September 2010 | Hold the Glitter

I have read wonderfully insightful articles about the struggles of children whose dance teacher is their parent, such as “My Life as a Studio Owner’s Daughter,” in the January 2009 issue of this magazine. All children who live in the shadow of a parent with a dance studio experience both struggles and advantages. But what of their non-dancing siblings? What kind of pressures and problems do they face when they don’t share that world?

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