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Words of Wisdom

A 23-columnist salute to 11 years of ideas, insight, and inspiration by Tamsin Nutter Some days you just need a little advice and encouragement—whether on preschoolers, degagés, or taxes—to pin on the staff bulletin board or mull over in the bathtub at night, from a trusted friend who’s been there, done that, and understands exactly…

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Taking Care of Business | Five Steps to Stepping Back

by Teri Mangiaratti “I’m missing too much of my children’s lives.” “I want a more normal life.” “How do I step back?” I hear these questions and complaints from studio owners all the time. Stepping back requires planning and management, but take heart: it is possible to shift roles and have a (somewhat) normal life!…

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Taking Care of Business | Four Steps to Setting and Reaching Your Goals

by Teri Mangiaratti   Short-term goals, long-term goals, goals, goals, goals! Books, conferences, and seminars advise us how to set and reach goals and measure our progress, yet it’s still difficult. Here are four simple steps that truly will help you set and reach your goals effectively. Cut out this page to use when you’re…

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