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Words of Wisdom

A 23-columnist salute to 11 years of ideas, insight, and inspiration by Tamsin Nutter Some days you just need a little advice and encouragement—whether on preschoolers, degagés, or taxes—to pin on the staff bulletin board or mull over in the bathtub at night, from a trusted friend who’s been there, done that, and understands exactly…

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Editor Speak | Lucky Editor

One of my favorite parts of editing this magazine is reading the great advice. Our Dance Studio Life columnists are a smart bunch, and their ideas often stretch beyond the studio. As I work with them to refine their writing, I frequently find myself mulling over ways I can use their tips. I might not…

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Collective Wisdom | Classroom Connection: Themes and Variations

To keep your students engaged in ballet class, try varying how you present the material. I use theme months and theme days with my intermediate and advanced levels to focus and add fun to class lessons.   Theme months No-Barre November: Have students do their regular ballet barre in center. Ask them to notice how…

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Collective Wisdom | Reality Check | Parent-Teacher Conferences

Reality Check: Parent-Teacher Conferences Q: I’ve always been very open and available to discuss a student’s progress when parents have concerns, and during optional end-of-year conversations. But I have some mothers who request parent conferences every couple of months. I have to spend time not only holding these conferences, but collecting pertinent info from multiple…

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July 2017 | Collective Wisdom | Classroom Connection: Sound Effects

Ideas and advice from our readers Classroom Connection: Sound Effects A few years back I had a student with beautifully clear technique, particularly in petit allegro. Yet beyond technique, her dancing lacked artistic touches, such as expression, dynamics, and color. After toying with some tactics to help her add nuance to her dancing, I landed…

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July 2017 | Collective Wisdom | Reality Check

Ideas & advice from our readers Reality Check: Studio Owner Vacation Q. Looking for tricks of the trade for when studio owners take a vacation. What do you do to make sure everything operates smoothly while you’re away? —Samantha Bower A. I let my families know I will not be in the studio—no need to…

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September 2016 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Cleaning Machine
Heading into competition season, I realized I wouldn’t have enough time to fix all the mismatched heads, crooked lines, and sickled feet in my teen jazz routine. What I needed was a way to fast-track the process and rescue my dance. I decided to turn my dancers into a “cleaning machine.”

Reality Check: Competition Survival Kits
Q.Every year I make a competition survival kit of items my dancers might forget, such as hair bands, hair spray, and hand sanitizer. I want to expand it to include stuff for myself and my instructors. What do you put in yours? —Ashlee Morgan Russ

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July 2016 | Collective Wisdom

Classroom Connection: Fun and Games: Games are often incorporated into classes for young dancers, yet just as often are eliminated as students mature in age and dance ability. However, games are a great way to refocus and reenergize even preteen and teenage students. Here are some I enjoy.

Reality Check: Progress Reports: Q. Do you do end-of-year progress reports for company members and/or recreational students? Do you keep copies or have the students return the originals to you?
—Catharine Skidmore

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March-April 2016 | Collective Wisdom

Reality Check: Doing Away With Dress Rehearsal: Q: Do you have a dress rehearsal at the same theater where you have your recital? For the last four years I have, but this year I am wondering if we can pull off our recital without a dress rehearsal at the venue.

“Classroom Connection: Elevating Jumps”: How do we challenge our advanced dancers to improve their jumps? To work on strength and height, I drill my dancers in a progression of simple sautés, changements, and échappés without music. The silence allows students to be conscious of how they manage their weight and use their feet (toe, ball, heel) on the takeoff and landing. Without the constraint of a particular tempo, dancers can also investigate how high they can actually jump.

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